Who is Ron Edwards?

I'm a citizen of the United States, born in 1964; I live in the Chicago area. My life is marked at every step by the decisions and incidents of the Cold War, and I'm reasonably convinced that many of us can say the same.

Professionally, I'm a biology professor, and I own a small publishing business called Adept Press (in Germany, Ron Edwards Verlag), through which I've published a few role-playing games.

I have no background in espionage or intelligence gathering professions, nor any particular contact with its practitioners. All of the source materials for Spione are public, published works, and part of the whole project includes learning and refining our understanding, my own as well as others'. I'm not claiming to be the central expert, or any sort of expert at all.


What is Story Now?

It is basically making up a story, in a group of three to six people, over about three hours. It's composed of dialogue, both as authors (saying "this happens!") and to a lesser extent as depictors, sort of like radio theater.

However, it is not a story conference; the story really is created rather than planned, and the participants enjoy it as the audience at the same time. Nor is it an automated story-program of any kind; you don't punch stuff in and see what the program spits back. Instead, the rules organize the dialogue into starting points, leaving key decisions until the moment they become crucial. There is no way to pre-load the story or any event in it, and no way for one person to dominate it.

I describe it like this:

The procedural dynamics of a card game
The creative dynamics of playing music
The content dynamics of fiction and film

Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it? Well, check out the Actual Play link and see what you think.