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    • CommentAuthorRon Edwards
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2005 edited


    I'm Ron Edwards, the owner & moderator of the forum, and the author of Spione. By signing in, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules.

    1. Confine your discussion to the explicit topics, both for forum groupings and for individual threads. See the stickies at the top of each for guidelines.

    2. Follow the rules of conversation and discourse. Intellectually, the goal is communication. There is no need for false politeness, to confront for purposes of winning, to get in the final word, nor to establish status.

    3. Referring to one's own political outlook as an honest clarifier is acceptable; attacking another's outlook or using one's own as a verbal club are not acceptable.

    4. Threads remain active only as long as they persist on the front page of a given forum, or two weeks since the last post. Do not post to inactive threads. They are not locked or flagged; you are responsible for looking at the dates.

    5. Never revise your own postings, once made. If you make a mistake or regret what you've said, post again to say so. You may notice some of my early posts are edited - this is an artifact of setting up the stickies for each forum. I won't edit my discussion posts.

    6. Accept moderation with grace - neither protest nor apologize. I am the sole moderator. Questions about moderation are welcome, but not in the thread being moderated. Bring them to this forum instead, or contact me by email.

    I encourage you to consider using your real name. If you are reluctant to provide your full name, that's fine; use your first name, or first name plus last initial, perhaps. No kewl web-handles, please.

    I also encourage writing replies as if they were letters, answering letters. Don't pick apart someone's post into isolated lines and retorts, but compose a real answer made of your own sentences and paragraphs. You'll see that I emphasize this in a minor way by signing off on all my posts.

    These all bring enormous benefits, raising forum activity far above average internet standards.



    Editing is going to be an issue, I think. When I move threads, they're marked as "edited," for instance. Or when someone reaches maximum post-size, the result might have to get edited.

    Anyway, I guess the rule is going to have to be, "No editing for content revision, just grammatical and logistic." I'll edit your posts for these reasons upon emailed request.

    So it's a social-contract thing - when you see an edited post, you'll have to trust me that it's not been revamped for social or ego reasons, just fixed for some mechanics-type reason.

    Best, Ron


    Here's another revision: that stuff about two weeks, above? Forget that.

    Until further notice, all discussions are 'live.'

    Best, Ron