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    • CommentAuthorrousutt
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2015

    ´╗┐reactions from riders who managed to get a place on the podium, which have now been removed, but they were a good way to add some interactivity to a game that can sometimes feel too dry.Real world and virtual cycling are well alignedThe rest day is also a good moment to explore how the real world Tour de France can deliver results that are very close to those created by Pro Cycling Manager 2015.BMC picked up the TTT win, and Cavendish managed to get a win in the sprint, but the game did not deliver similar successes for Greipel, who triumphed on two occasions in the real world cycling competition.The biggest problem with PCM 2015 is one shared with the likes of FIFA, Madden NFL or various NBA sims: numbers can never replicate the actual capabilities of riders or players.The games do try to take into account daily form or other such values, but It's impossible to quantify the urge to win or the need to deliver a result to keep a team relevant.On the other hand, there would be no joy in a sim that delivers too much realism in its results, and PCM 2015 manages to walk the fine line between fun and seriousness.Project Cars Canceled on Wii U, Might Be Launched on Future Nintendo Hardware . The development team at Slightly Mad Studios is announcing that it is canceling development on the Wii U version of Project Cars because the home console simply does not have the raw power required to run the racing game.The information comes from an interview with NintendoLife and emerges after a long period during which the team talked about problems that affected the Nintendo-linked version of the title.Project Cars was initially funded via crowd-sourcing, and the Wii U was not part of the original reveal of the game.It seems that there are plans to continue to work on the game and maybe deliver it for a future version of Nintendo hardware.Ian Bell, who leads Slightly Mad Studios, is quoted as saying that'the official line is that we;re awaiting an announcement from Nintendo on new hardware. As of now Project CARS is simply too much for the Wii U.At the moment, the racing game can be played on the PC, the PlayStation 4 from Sony, and the Xbox One from Microsoft.At one point, the title was also supposed to arrive on older generation consoles, but it seems that the power requirements were also too high for them.Nintendo has not yet offered details on NX hardwareProject Cars might be launched on future hardware from the company, but that will probably take years given that an announcement about it has not been made.Nintendo has been talking about future plans with investors, but it has not explained what kind of device it is planning to create or how powerful it will be.Recent rumors have suggested that AMD might be creating the customized processor that will power the NX and that manufacturing will be tested later in the year, and a full run of consoles will be delivered in time for a summer 2016 launch.