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    • CommentAuthorwangkiky
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2016

    In recent years, government of county Party committee, county put forward furniture industry to promote a program, carry out through establishing family property association "elegant wpc decking in docks project of industrial return to one's native place " , build project of headquarters of furniture industry economy, attract go out the enterprise returns to Ning Hai to do poineering work, " Ning Hairen economy " change is " Ning Hai economy " .

    Among them project of headquarters of furniture industry economy always invests 810 million yuan, at present already company of furniture of book of peaceful sea of each district of composite decking for use in water 290 whole nations becomes member unit, headquarters already also bought autograph of limited company of electronic business affairs to make an appointment with with justice black, aim to make the O2O pattern that is united in wedlock below the line on the line trade platform, towards the real wood furniture with Hua Dong the largest area distributing center center marchs, bathroom styles variegated color deck form platform of business affairs of volume business, office, residence, electron at an organic whole integrated model industry of real wood furniture expands a division centrally.

    Korea farming aquatic product is current commune (AT, president gold is in water) on July 8 - 11 days, attend to be begun in Chinese Guangzhou for the first time " 2016 international make deck from privacy fence panels building decorates exposition " the Korea lumber product with high grade conduct propaganda - the achievement that its achievement reachs 250 exit negotiate.

    • CommentAuthorzykici
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2018

    My sisters want the good real wood pure furniture for his living and the bed of it the head will be very soft with foam. She also wants the side tables but as she said what is the best vacuum for hardwood floors so I answered to her no need for the wood floor.


    Wood products are always very attractive and lovely. Whether we design our home with costly and fancy products but if their wood products not available, our home does not look most beautiful. Nowadays peoples understood the value of wood product and they arrange wood furniture or wood floor for the beauty of an Assignment home.

    • CommentAuthorSara23
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2019

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