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    • CommentAuthorwangkiky
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2017

    After a continuous surge, the current price is much higher than the business expectations of the market, and the terminal demand is not released, the downstream business fear of high temperature quickly, the late trend is not clear enough, bearish bullish mood is more complex. And affected by environmental protection policy, part of the site project has been in a state of downtime, the actual demand for further weakening, will make the volume difficult to continue to enhance.304 unequal angle for steel warehouse But in view of the gold nine season gradually approaching, black futures collective rise, the main manufacturers in general order in good condition, positive factors occupy the dominant market, short billet movements will continue to rise may be expected to straight into the 4000 mark.���ڧ�� �ߧ֧�اѧӧ֧��֧� ���ѧݧ� ��֧����ڧ��ӧѧߧߧ�� SS316 Environmental protection and steel to the production capacity of the policy, the steel market once again usher in the soaring rally, the futures market has been continuously pulled up, billet continuous upward, coupled with the pressure of finished product inventory is not obvious, the manufacturers are more optimistic attitude, Downstream users have approach to fill the library, the overall volume is still relatively adequate. With the Jinjiu season approaching, the associated varieties of steel mills will be ahead of the exit of the message to stimulate the surface, once again to the spot market support, and clear the steel and environmental supervision work to start the boost, billet driven prices continue Pull up the intensity of unabated, one after another to create a new high.bobina de acero inoxidable precio - EastasiaMetal An increase of 1 last week, the operating rate was 74.6%, up 1.58% from last week. The current high enthusiasm for the production of steel mills, the market resource costs are still high, and because the overall inventory is generally low, the price is still clearly bottom support.2B Acabado 304 Acero inoxidable aguafuerte Hoja