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    This forum functions a little bit like a publisher's LiveJournal, in which I'll present what's happening with Adept Press and Spione, what goals and issues I'm dealing with, and calls for help. But it's also for everyone else to ask questions and to suggest ideas.

    You should know that I've gone out on a really long limb for this project. My intended market for Spione is the non-gamer reader and internet user. I've abandoned my usual venue, the role-playing hobby, right at the point when I'd be assured of full return on (small) investment if I stayed with the publishing model I used for role-playing games. I'm taking everything I've learned about that hobby in the last ten years of critique and decided to risk it all on something else.

    I've secured a $30,000 business loan dedicated to the project, which is another way of saying that I stand to go into debt which would, essentially, destroy Adept Press completely if it fails.

    This is my big break. I'm doing at least twenty things that I've never dreamed of, including getting a business license in Germany, actually contacting real espionage agencies, beginning to learn a new language, and hoping to penetrate the mainstream bookstore-distribution chain. And I'm doing it with a thing which is not, actually, a role-playing game at all.

    So this isn't a little funny club or weird little hobby thing. It isn't just another playtesting activity. Your participation here adds strength to what is, now, a very slender thread of hope and drive, dedicated to founding a new internet community. Please consider yourself invited to join in ... but also consider whether this is something you can commit your best self to. It's needed.

    Best, Ron