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    • CommentAuthorpanxing18
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2019

    y. It started with some typical straight-forward comments from Beasley that said the front-office decides where the ball goes in the Cowboys offense and that he was not a high priority in that regard.This combined with the fact that Beasley is a free agent started the train of thought that he was as good as gone. Even though Beasley kind of walked back some of the thrust of his comments Color Rush Jaylon Smith Jersey , the idea took root that maybe the Cowboys front office wouldn’t take to kindly to the outspoken receiver's comments. That’s not the case. Jerry Jones made that point clear in a recent interview. Jones was asked about DeMarcus Lawrence’s recent comment of “your move” to the Cowboys in respect to his free agent status this offseason. Jones had no issue with Lawrence’s tweet, and unprompted let everyone know he has no issue with Beasley.Far too much attention was paid to Beasley’s comments, they were never going to be a deciding factor in whether the Cowboys re-sign him this offseason. Jerry Jones has confirmed that part of the equation with his comments. Like any smart franchise, the Cowboys will weigh Beasley’s production and prowess on third down versus his age and the dollar amount that it will take to keep him in Dallas. Everything else is window dressing. Almost everyone had the same reaction when they heard the news. The Cowboys did what? That was the mild version for many Cowboys fans. When the news broke that the Dallas Cowboys had traded their first-round pick in 2019 draft for wide receiver Amari Cooper , the disbelief and anger was palpable. The media hammered Jerry Jones for what they believed was another desperate and ill-advised gamble on a wide receiver. The names Joey Galloway and Roy Williams were brought up over and over.Here are a few reactions for example:Good times!Anyway, fast forward to now. Bill Barnwell over at ESPN put together a list of the 30 trades over the past 365 days that had the most impact. He also threw in a grade for each trade. The Cowboys trade for Cooper didn’t top the list, that honor went to the Chicago Bears for acquiring Khalil Mack. Instead, the Cooper trade was ranked number two on the list in terms of impact.Jerry Jones was vindicated. Even though it’s kind of painful to go through the 2019 offseason knowing there won’t be a first-round pick , if you just put it in your mind that Cooper was that pick, it goes down easier. Those numbers for Prescott with and without Cooper are amazing. Sometimes you put together a quarterback and a wide receiver and they just don’t mesh. The chemistry is off. Not so with Prescott and Cooper who have clicked from the moment Cooper arrived. In fact, you have to wonder how much impact this trade will have on Prescott’s long-term prospects. If the 2018 season had continued to derail and the offense had continued to sputter the way it did pre-Cooper, Prescott’s prospects might be in peril. You never know because we can’t rewind the season and see what would have happened Youth Travis Frederick Jersey , but ever since Cooper showed up, Prescott has looked like a different quarterback. Or, rather, he’s looked more like 2016/early-2017 Prescott. The Cowboys must now get Cooper signed to a long-term deal. There is no rush Youth Cole Beasley Jersey , but in order for this trade to truly work out, they need Cooper to sign a second contract that keeps him in Dallas during his prime years. Custom Miami Dolphins Jerseys