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    Summary: PGA tour golfers have a distinct advantage over amateur golfers. They have golf clubs that are specially made to their precise specifications. Pro golfers have talent and practice daily. If you do not have this talent and dedication , you are an amateur golfer looking for a way to save your money. Her is a way to save on your golf equipment and still be able to buy golf balls.

    Article: In the final round of the 2007 Wyndham PGA Championship, Brandt Snedeker shot a fantastic final round score of 63. Brandt used a TaylorMade r7 driver in his golf round. Perhaps you are thinking you might be able to shoot a 63 like Brandt, if only you had a TaylorMade r7 golf driver.

    The truth of the matter is, you are not a professional golfer and won't be shooting a 63 in an 18 hole round of golf anytime soon. The good part is that you can save quite a bit of money on your golf clubs by forgoing the name brand golf clubs and choosing clone golf clubs. Professional golfers usually have their golf clubs specially made to their specifications and don't necessarily pay for them.

    Check what Brandt Snedeker has in his golf bag and how much those name brand golf clubs cost. $1809.00 is the grand total , if you were to buy those name brand golf clubs that are in Brandt's golf bag. Perhaps you have that kind of cash to lay down for a brand new set of brand name golf clubs. If you don't, then you are in luck as there is a different route to take.

    Look at the knockoff golf club alternatives. Their total $535.00 for essentially the same golf clubs. That would be a savings of $1278.00. Now that kind of savings for knockoff golf clubs would buy a lot of rounds of golf instead of paying the premium price for name brand golf clubs.

    OK, you argue that the name brand golf clubs will work better? That argument only holds water if you happen to be a top golfer in the world. Be honest, you know you aren't. If you won't be able to tell the difference between the name brand golf clubs and the knockoff golf clubs , why not save over $1200.00 to be like Brandt Snedeker?

    Another argument that does not seem to hold water is that the name brand golf clubs are built to your specifications. This is definitely a good thing, but clone golf clubs can be just as easily built to your specifications for less. Any golf club can be built to your specification, no matter the name on the golf club. You should definitely have your golf clubs built to your specifications. Why not save the money and get more golf balls?