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    • CommentAuthorxiaxue123
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2019

    Gynecomastia Is More Common Than You Think Health Articles | August 19 cheap nike air max 90 white wholesale australia , 2014
    A look at what gynecomastia is and what the root causes of it can be. And finally a look at the list of options available to reverse the condition.

    In Jerry Seinfeld's popular sitcom, "Seinfeld", the character George is horrified to see his father take off his shirt to reveal he has man boobs. George tells of the horror of the discovery while Kramer cheap nike air max 90 white black australia , ponders making a man's brassier- the "Bro" to deal with the other half of the breasted population.

    George's father likely suffered from a medical condition known as Gynecomastia where the male mammary glands overdevelop resulting in "breast". There are many root causes behind the reasons why this condition can occur including an exposure in neonates to an influx of estrogen to the fetus at a critical time of development. This is not based on anything the mother did wrong or failed to do- it is simply an act of Nature that no one can predict or control and it happens. It is not usually until puberty when hormones kick in that this neonate development emerges in the young male.

    Gynecomastia can also emerge as men age, as it did with George's father as a result of changing hormones. Add to either of these root causes obesity and the condition is aspirated and since targeted weight loss is not possible the condition may not go simply go away on its own with the loss of weight.

    And other reasons that Gynecomastia may suddenly appear include an underlying medical condition or a metabolic disorder such as testicular cancer, a tumor cheap nike air max 90 white mens australia , or even malnutrition.

    Four to ten percent of all cases of man boobs however are the result of drugs including steroids and even medication for heart conditions. Steroid use is a banned but still practiced part of body building and the pure product of steroids causes the over stimulation of the mammary glands and the end product- breast. Certain heart medications such as Digoxin and Furosemide also carry the risk of Gynecomastia as a side effect and when used in conjunction- almost guarantee the condition will occur.

    For men who are sensitive about this physical attribute there is hope. First- the most important step is to rule out other medical conditions that can be causing the symptoms. In many cases the root cause of this condition is not determinable which may mean it is simply a hormone problem.

    The treatment options depend on the cause when the cause is known. For example if the cause is drug related from heart medication your doctor may be able to substitute a different medication or prescribe a medication that counteracts the side effects.