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    • CommentAuthorlumpley
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2006

    That's my main point: the Wiki game is really fun to read. I got scared - viscerally scared, buzzy scared - about what was happening somewhere in the middle of maneuvers 2, and come to find out my fear was totally justified.

    So the flashpoint card rules: in order to accomplish a big deal thing, you need two or more cards, right? And there's a good chance that they won't be two of your own cards, right, but one'll be yours and one'll be someone else's - so a lot of the time when a big deal thing happens, it'll be because YOU set it up and SOMEONE ELSE followed through.

    Furthermore, covering someone else's card is a commitment to follow through on whatever they set up, right? Whether following through by helping or following through by hindering.

    So when it's my turn to talk, what happens is, I set something up a) not knowing how you'll follow through on it, but b) knowing that you WILL.

    That's a fantastic creative interaction between the players, Ron. Striking. And it makes the card play just riveting to watch.


    I'm glad you like it, Vincent. All of your technical commentary is accurate, and now that it makes a little more sense, I encourage you to check out the Flashpoints in the videos to see how they correspond.

    And one thing that hasn't happened in the Wiki play yet is Disclosure, which brings in (a) Fates and (b) increases in Card Numbers, and the latter means more cards.

    Later in the game, the Supporting Cast are rarer, and thus turn out to be more precious in many cases, and the Flashpoints can bulk up to a dozen or more cards. So not only is more at stake, but more can happen.

    I do have some critical comments about the Wiki game, both as medium (the basic concept) and the specifics of our own game, but they shouldn't override the fact that we're having a lot of fun.

    One last thing, in the current draft of the game I'm preparing for the July event, I wax eloquent for a few sentences about these ideas:

    Maneuvers do not advance the plot in a forward, linear fashion. They spiral inward upon a principal, in the sense of targeting or "homing in." Whereas Flashpoints are linear and consequential, moving the entire story, for both principals, to a "new place" where the spiralling-in can begin again.

    Best, Ron

    • CommentAuthorsumaia1122
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2019

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