This is a new idea - to encourage recording the play-experience, then making it public, as a basic part of the activity. The model is music; if it's fun to experience as creators, it's also fun to experience as audience.

Plain verbal accounts, podcasts, photographs, and movie footage are all welcome.

This page is intended to be a real archive of creativity and enjoyment. Don't be shy. Contact me at regarding any files or documents you have in mind.

Early versions of the rules.
January 2006
February 2006
March 2006
May 2006

January 2006

New York group (zip file containing PDFs)

February 2006

Now, the first of many film clips! A session held in Peoria, featuring Seth (shaved head), Ralph (center), and me (off-screen, to the right).

:: Choosing the decade 3.96 MB
:: The Hat 1.218 MB
:: Making the Principal 1 8.398 MB
:: Making the Principal 2 10.779 MB
:: Finishing the Principal 7.631 MB
:: Dietrich, Otto, and Ingo 15.193 MB
:: Maneuvers with Karin 10.778 MB
:: The Family and the Gun 6.646 MB
:: Heinrich and Ingo 16.548 MB
:: Disclosure with Lizabet 8.392 MB
:: Karin and Erich 14.861 MB

A Chicago session, this time with me, Julie Stauffer, Tod Olson, Tim Kleinert, and Maura Byrne (clockwise from left)

:: Choosing the decade 5.187 MB
:: The Hat 2.472 MB
:: Making the Principals 1 8.230 MB
:: Making the Principals 2 8.401 MB
:: Making the Principals 3 2.709 MB
:: Finishing the Principals 9.600 MB
:: Hans, Greta, and the BfV 13.503 MB
:: Roger and Dirk 9.596 MB
:: Flashpoint: First Blood 7.453 MB
:: New Maneuvers 7.237 MB
:: More Maneuvers: Roger and Ilke 4.541 MB
:: Flashpoint: Roger and Ilke 5.598 MB
:: Disclosures: Ilke and Greta 6.527 MB
:: More Maneuvers: really Cold now 8.999 MB
:: Flashpoint and Fates 7.616 MB
:: Last Maneuvers: Desperate Moves 11.166 MB
:: Flashpoint and Endings 11.498 MB

March 2006

Another Peoria session, with Seth Ben-Ezra, Gabrielle Ben-Ezra, (running Kasha, the principal) and Raquel Mutton. These are audio-only MP3 files.

:: Game Prep 9.330 MB
:: Play through Disclosure 9.639 MB
:: Post-Disclosure 5.999 MB

May 2006

Peter Nordstand set up his own very clever Wiki play site. Email him at, for the password so you can follow along and comment.