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Mauermuseum: Museum Haus aum Checkpoint Charlie
Panorama of the East Side Gallery
Berlin Wall Documentation Center
Allied Museum
Stasi HQ Museum (in German)
The Story of Berlin museum

United States

International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.


Vakoilumuseo in Tampere

United Kingdom

The Science of Spying at London's Science Museum

Sites dedicated to intelligence literature, history, and discussion

The Literature of Intelligence

CNN Interactive Cold War Experience
The Cold War Guide
Intelligence Forum

News Now "Intelligence Agency"

Interviews with me and similar stuff

Interview with The Spanish Inquisitor
Part 1 of 3, Part 2 of 3, Part 3 of 3

Die Grossstadt Berlin als Ort des 'Kalten Krieges' im modernen englischsprachigen Spionageroman
A Master's Thesis by Benjamin Paul Hamdorf which makes use of Spione: download (in German, 762k)


Other games and projects sharing affinities with the Story Now procedures and challenging political context of Spione

:: Wolfstalker Productions by Ralf deMauzer
A spy-and-guy series of books and films in development with a focus on famous espionage cities, emphasizing Mossad
Publisher page

:: Primetime Adventures by Matt Wilson, Dog-Eared Designs
A primary inspiration; the story creation method that does TV better than television
Publisher page

:: Lacuna, by Jared Sorensen (Memento-Mori Theatricks)
The first Cold War spy role-playing game of merit, so surreal as to deny its own existence as such
Publisher page

:: carry: a game about war, by Nathan Paoletta, Hamster Prophet Productions
Shares the same approach to fiction and non-fiction, as applied to the American experience in Viet Nam
Publisher page
Product/purchase page

:: Bacchanal by Paul Czege, Half Meme Press
An ambitious yet simple entertainment about debauchery, excess, and (maybe) love in an ancient Roman town visited by Bacchus.
Publisher page

:: Cold City, by Malcolm Craig, Contested Ground Studios
A role-playing game set in 1950 Berlin, focusing on quadripartite tension and the immediate legacy of WWII
Publisher page
Purchase page

:: Unsung by Kirt Dankmyer
More of a traditional role-playing game, but it was the first to step out of escapism and into the issues of real human history and violent conflict
Purchase page

:: Grey Ranks (currently in development) by Jason Morningstar, Bully Pulpit Games
A grim, bittersweet investigation of what it was like in the Polish Grey Ranks against the Nazi occupation - one-half military tragedy, one-half teen-angst romance
Publisher page

:: Black Cadillacs (currently in development) by Darcy Burgess
Generating war stories to discover what they mean
Publisher page
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